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from sunrise to sunset.

grow. create. share.

join us. in our vineyard.

📅  28/06/2025
🌅   05:21 - 21:39 
49.908520, 8.344641
Rothenberg, Nackenheim

we are 100 friends (of friends). 

celebrating summer, love and humanity.

at this festival, everyone contributes to a diverse and joyful program / buffet. feel free to bring, make or lead: fire. coffee. yoga. music. art. acts. food. drinks. our base ticket covers infrastructure, water + bread. feel free to bring your kids, tents and pets.

after all 100 tickets are sold, we will get in touch with all of you checking your arrival, contribution etc.  please book your hotel room or airbnb in nierstein / nackenheim / bodenheim / mainz or bring your own tent and camp with us in the vineyards. from nackenheim train station you can easily walk for approx. 20 min to the festival vineyard. and of course feel free to contact us anytime, if you have questions:  we can't wait for the festival to begin! 

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